All about Earth Hour 2022

What is Earth Hour?

In order to raise awareness about the climate change, millions of people all around the world join the global event know as Earth Hour. In order to participate in the event, people switch off the lights of their homes and offices for an hour at the same time. Earth Hour was created by the World Wide Fund for Nature (W.W.F.) and was first organized worldwide in 2008.

When is Earth Hour celebrated?

Earth hour is observed on the last Saturday of March every year. In the year 2022 this day will fall on the 26th of March. It will begin at 8:30 pm local time and ends at 9:30 pm local time.

What is the Theme of the Earth Hour 2022?

Till date there is no official announcement about the theme of the Earth Hour 2022. But it is expected the theme will most likely focus on nature and biodiversity.

Why is Earth Hour Celebrated?

The Earth Hour showcases the need to take action on the pressing issue of global climate change. Earth Hour promotes awareness about environmental issues on a public platform. This day reminds us of the duty that every human should take up. This duty is to protect the earth from pollution, carbon emissions and many other harmful effects caused by the human activities.

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Climate Change and its Impact

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