Waste Ventures India

One of the most popular and effective way towards sustainability is the Circular Economy approach. The circular economy approach helps to manage the demand and create a balance between the available resources. It also derives a value out of the waste and increases the value to stakeholders across the value chain.

Waste Ventures India is one such social enterprise that is changing paradigms in solid waste management by the applying the circular economy principal.

Name of the Company: Waste Ventures India
Founded in: 2012
Founder: Roshan Miranda
Place: Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Website: http://wasteventures.com

They environmentally process both wet and dry waste, creating revenue from materials that traditional solid waste systems ignore. They are working on collecting wastes from all possible sources right from the point it is generated to the point it reaches the landfills. But their objective is not fill the landfills but to unlock the value out of this waste. The huge volumes of waste collected at their facility is sorted and pre-processed and before channelizing it to the respective recyclers. They have engaged the informal sector of waste collectors like the waste pickers and scrap dealers into their chain.

They are also providing composting solutions to the bulk organic/wet waste generators including the individual homes.

This startup has changed the perception of the people towards the waste and shown how the environmental and social benefits can be derived from the same.

For more details about this startup please visit: http://wasteventures.com

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