How to be a Responsible and Environment Conscious Traveler?

After being one of the worst-hit sectors in the pandemic for close to two years, the travel and tourism industry are finally seeing a recovery. Travelers are now packing their bags and heading to their favorite destinations. With mass tourism on the rise, the world’s most enticing destinations are now facing environmental, economical, and socio-cultural threats. Tourism has great potential in terms of boosting the local economy’s growth, but if mismanaged, it can negatively impact local communities and environments.

But while enjoying the views of nature, one should not forget their responsibility towards the environment. The activities of the tourists are one of the major reasons causing disturbances to the flora and fauna of that region. The impact directly depends on the resources used and trip habits of different persons. So be a conscious traveler and keep in mind the following ideas so as to be an environmentally responsible traveler.

1. Carry your own Reusable Bags

While packing for the holidays, always pack 2-3 reusable cloth or jute bags with you. While visiting the markets you can carry these reusable shopping bags with you so that you don’t have to ask for the plastic bags from the vendors.

2. Pack light

You must be knowing that the more the weight of the plane, the more carbon emissions it produces. Hence, pack your bags light. Keep only the things that are necessary and avoid carrying extra kilos.

3. Choose Public Transport

Taking public transport is one of the best things you can do for the environment when traveling. It means you’re not creating any additional carbon emissions from private transport. It will also add to your travel experience, providing you with opportunities to interact with locals.

4. Carry your own bottle

Plastic bottles littered here and there becomes a big mess at the tourist places. Always carry your own bottle and look out for the refill water filters installed at places for the refill instead of buying the bottled water.

5. Be careful while hiking

While going on hiking or adventure trails, be careful to not destroy the plants in your path. Certain plant species are extremely delicate and may cease to grow if constantly trampled upon, which is why trails are maintained in the first place. Also keep a safe distance from the animals and do not feed them anything that can be harmful to them.

6. Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Reusing your towels instead of what the hotel provides, carrying a refillable water bottle, reducing food, water, and product consumption, and looking out for recyclable symbols are some ways to ensure you don’t add to the damage.

7. Go paperless

Most places now accept mobile/digital tickets. So avoid taking the prints of the boarding passes, hotel reservations, and entry tickets. By going paperless, you not only help the environment but also avoid losing tickets and enjoy easy access to them at the same time.

8. Eat Local

Instead of consuming shipped-in food, which increases your carbon footprint, eat and drink locally sourced, in-season foods. This is simple to do by purchasing at local markets or eating at the local restaurants. This strategy not only promotes local farmers and suppliers, but it is also healthy for you. You will also be amazed at variety that the local cuisine serves.

9. Save electricity & water in every possible manner

Always switch off lights, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, and charging ports before leaving your room. Reduce your energy consumption, conserve water, and abandon baths for quick showers.

10. Shop Local

Support the local artisans and the culture by shopping at the local markets for handcrafted specials, wooden toys and home knits, bags made of pineapple husk, sugarcane waste, corn starch, rather than expensive global brands. Be kind to them and try not to bargain much.

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