Adopting Vegan-diet can Help you Save Money

According to Oxford University research, switching to a vegan diet may reduce food costs by one-third in the US, the UK, Australia, and all of Western Europe.

According to the study, vegan diets were the least expensive and could be healthier and more environmentally friendly than regular meals when compared to vegetarian and flexitarian diets.

The study, which was published in The Lancet Planetary Health, used food prices from the World Bank’s International Comparison Program to compare the costs of seven various sustainable diets to the expenses of existing typical diets in 150 different nations.

In the end, they discovered that the vegan diet was the cheapest by reducing the cost by almost one third, followed by the vegetarian diets as the second cheapest. Pescatarian diets actually increased prices by up to 2%, while flexitarian diets with modest amounts of meat and dairy reduced expenditures by up to 14%.

Oxford researcher Dr. Marco Springmann said “When scientists like me advocate for healthy and environmentally-friendly eating, it’s often said we’re sitting in our ivory towers promoting something financially out of reach for most people. This study shows it’s quite the opposite. These diets could be better for your bank balance as well as for your health and…the planet.”

The research is conclusive for those who live in nations where people often consume typical western diets: A vegan diet can be more affordable as well as more environmentally friendly and sustainable!


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