Mushroom And Broccoli-Quick Tossed Salad

Mushroom and Broccoli Salad a super quick Salad😋, which can also be served as a Starter. 

Mushroom and Broccoli both are low-calorie and low carbohydrate food choices. The combination and flavor of both tossed with cherry tomato and Basil leaves take it to another level.

🕒Total Time :15 mins 

🕒Prep Time :5 mins          

🕒Cook Time :5 mins

👑Difficulty:: Easy    🍽Category: Quick


– 2 cups Fresh sliced Mushroom

– 2 cups Fresh Broccoli chopped into bite-size

– 7-8 Cheery Tomatoes

– 4-5 Basil Leaves

– 1 teaspoon Virgin Olive Oil

– Salt and Black Pepper as per taste


<>In a saucepan take 3 cups water and boil chopped Broccoli for 2 minutes.  
<>Heat a wok and add 1 teaspoon of Olive oil. Add chopped Mushroom and saute it for 1 min.
<>Now add the boiled Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil Leaves.
<>Sprinkle salt and Black Pepper as per your Taste and Toss all Salad Ingredients for a few seconds and “The SALAD is READY”.

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