How to get rid of house flies – With Some Simple and Natural Ways

Do you have a problem with house flies in your residence? The typical pests, which have a single pair of wings and complex red eyes, are known to breed in garbage cans, mounds of rotting food, and feces.

There are several natural tactics to prevent house flies from entering your home, despite the fact that they might be exasperatingly challenging to eradicate.

We have done some research and collated the best and effective methods to get rid of the house flies.

How the house flies look like?

First let us understand how the house fly looks like: Well the length of a house fly is 5 to 7 mm, with the female often being larger than the male. Reddish eyes and sponging mouth parts are on its head. Four little black stripes may be seen on the thorax, and the fourth longitudinal wing vein has a sharp upward bend. They have six legs and antennas on their body.

How to get rid of house flies?

Despite having a brief lifespan, house flies are able to reproduce fast and in great quantities. You should contact experts if you are concerned about a fly infestation in your home. Preventing a fly infestation before it starts is the best method to handle a fly issue. There are some simple actions you may do to keep flies away from your house.

Let us look at some simple methods to keep the flies away

  1. Keep doors closed after dark to prevent flies from entering, or use drapes to block out the light.
  2. Keep your pet’s waste clean because it serves as the ideal fly breeding ground.
  3. Close windows and doors and/or use fly screens to keep the flies away.
  4. Make sure to properly dispose of all food waste in a container with a lid.
  5. Keep garbage cans outside, with lids securely fastened, away from windows and doorways.
  6. Cover your food to prevent flies from landing on it and then eating off it.
  7. Clean up food and water spills as soon as they happen.
  8. Dead flies should be removed since they can serve as a food supply for other pests like carpet beetles.

These are some of the preventive measures that we can take to keep the flies away. Let us also look at some home remedies to get rid of the flies that have already entered the house.

Home remedies to get rid of the house flies

  1. Use Plants to keep the flies away: If you prefer a natural approach, several traditional cures claim that the scents of herbs like basil, mint, lemongrass, and lavender cause flies to respond negatively. You can plant these herbs in pots outside your house or in the terraces to keep the flies away.
  2. Use of essential oil: Keep a stock of essential oils that repel flies, such as basil, lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender. You can either make a fly repellent spray or simple put few drops on a cloth and hang the cloth near the doors or windows. The flies do not like these smell and hence will stay away.

  1. Use vinegar or wine traps to catch fruit flies: Fruit-based fermented goods, such as red wine and apple cider vinegar, are very alluring to fruit flies. Wine or vinegar can be used as a bait in a number of simple traps to attract and eliminate adult fruit flies.
  2. Use of Pepper: The scent of pepper repels flies. Mixing water and pepper spray and spritzing it around your house is one natural deterrent.
  3. Create a soda bottle trap: Cut off the top third of an empty plastic bottle. Place the sliced piece back on top, but this time, turn the bottle upside down so that the top is facing the liquid and the bottom third is filled with sugar water. In this manner, a funnel-like structure is produced. The flies will manage to go into the bottle but will be unable to do it again.
  4. Fly paper: This is a sticky strip of paper that you may suspend from the ceiling or place in an area where flies are most prevalent. Fly (or other wingless insect) get stuck to the paper when they fly around them.
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