Treeapp- Plant a Tree for Free Everyday

Founders of Treeapp (left to right) Godefroy Harito, Jules Buker and Leo Ng 
Source: London Business School

Trees are one of the most important sources that helps to balance the ecosystems and tackle major environmental issues like climate change.

Name of the Company: Treeapp
Founded in: 2019
Founder: Jules Buker, Godefroy Harito and Leo Ng
Place: London, UK

We all know that planting trees can help to reduce the carbon dioxide (that is continuously been emitted by different anthropogenic activities) in the atmosphere. The trees also provide habitats for numerous species of fauna and flora, firewood for cooking and heat and raw material to various industries.

Treeapp founders (Godefroy Harito, Jules Buker and Leo Ng) realized this importance and came up with an app that helps the users to plant a tree from the app anywhere in the world, and that too free.

The app helps users to track and calculate their carbon footprints and offset them by selecting a project and planting a tree. The users can select which project they would like to support, and with a single tap they can plant a tree and as a bonus, track the impact and carbon footprint.

This unique initiative is a small step to combat climate change, and create awareness among the people to save and plant more trees. They are not only planting the trees but also taking care to monitor the planting activity, even long after it has been planted. They have experts in their team that ensure to plant the right species, in the right places, at the right time during the year.

Currently, their planting sites are spread across 12 countries, in Africa, Asia and South America and they have managed to plant 1 million trees across the sites.

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