Newen Systems – Providing Solutions for the Battery Energy Storage

With the growing concerns for the environmental footprints and global warming together with the steady progress in green technologies, renewable energy resources (RESs) are deemed to be key enablers for sustainable energy development, cost-effective operations, and pollutant emission prevention. The conventional energy sources are not a clean source of energy and are the one of the reasons for the global problems of global warming and climate. Replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy have become today’s necessity and to imply this, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are an integral part of the solutions. BESS are the devices that helps to store the energy generated through renewable sources like sun or wind and released when the required by the customer.

The Battery Energy Storage Systems also plays a key role in role in realizing the goal of supplying Green Energy to households and offices, as they have the potential to store and supply the energy even when the source of energy is unavailable such as when the sun is not shining or the wind is not moving, ensuring smooth-running power supply.

Name of the Company: Newen Systems
Founded in: 2020
Founder: Nitin Sharma and Nitesh Bhutada
Place: Vadodara, India

Newen System is an emerging startup that has captured this need and has become one of the leading Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) manufacturing companies in India. The founders of the company, Nitin Sharma and Nitesh Bhutada have carved out this brand out of the BESS division of RaychemRPG, a pioneer in energy storage in India. Newen is also in a technology collaboration with Dynapower, USA which is a leading BESS player globally with 1000+ MW of installation across 15 countries.

Newen’s solution for BESS is battery technology agnostic, but typically use Lithium-Ion batteries to store power. Newen’s BESS can be used to store electricity from multiple distributed energy sources. In doing so, facilities can reduce electricity costs and establish reliable backup power. The power sources, which can be integrated into Newen’s energy storage systems, include wind, solar, diesel generators and the electric grid itself. These systems are scalable and multiple energy storage systems can be connected in parallel to scale to the various system sizes and requirements.

Along with the commercial and the industrial storage systems they also deal with the mircogrid controllers which has a very niche market. Newen’s microgrid controllers are designed to support integration of energy storage systems with the RE sources as well as with the grid. These controllers provide the complete range of functionalities and algorithms to integrate all use cases enabled with the energy storage systems. With their unique design, Newen is the only player who offers brain (Microgrid controller) and heart (PCS) together.

Recognizing their efforts and excellence in quality and delivery towards the Energy Solutions, Newen was awarded as one of the top ten Energy Storage Startups in 2022 by the Industry Outlook.

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