Nexus Power- Bio-organic Charging Batteries

Nikita and Nishita Baliarsingh, co-founders of Nexus Power | Photo Credit: Nexus Power

Electric vehicles (EV) are now the future of next-gen vehicles. Most of the car and bike manufactures the working on manufacturing electric vehicles with the latest technologies. The vehicles that are available in the market today have one major issue of long hours of charging (almost 6-7 hours).

Name of the Company: Nexus Power
Founded in: 2019
Founder: Nikita Baliarsingh and Nishita Baliarsingh
Place: Odisha, India

The twin sisters from Odisha have found a brilliant solution to develop fast charging bio-degradable batteries and that too with the crop residue that people generally burn after the cropping season. With their one product they have not only found a solution for fast charging batteries but also a very efficient way of using the crop residues which otherwise cause air pollution when burnt by the farmers.

Their batteries are lithium–ion-free and hence Eco-friendly and sustainable. Procurement of crop waste helps farmers earn an additional income of ₹25,000 for every 100 batteries. Currently their batteries take only 50 min to charge from 0 to 100 percent, while their aim is to bring it down to just 25-30 min. Also the manufacturing process has been designed to ensure no element of the environment is exploited. Their business model is also based on the circular economy approach as the production of batteries creates bio-fertilizer as by-products, which they intend to return to the market to facilitate a favorable agricultural yield. Also, once the lifespan of the batteries is over, the Nexus batteries can be recycled at no extra cost.

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