10 Home Items You Can Reuse Over and Over Again

Being environment conscious, many of us adopted the recycling waste management systems introduced at many places. Recycling habit is very good, but to reduce our footprint we should also give more attention to re-use things, especially at our home. By re-using, you will not reduce your ecological footprint, but also save a lot of money.

Here is a list of some very common and most used household items, that can be easily reused in many ways.

1. Plastic bags

Plastic bags can be reused over and over again if they are cleaned thoroughly and dried out properly. If you have any old plastic bags lying around, use them to store seeds and fertilizer in the garden.

2. Paper towels

Paper towels can be used over and over again if you keep them clean and dry. Use them to wipe off dirt and germs from surfaces in the house.

3. Newspaper

Newspaper can be used over and again. Use them to wrap up gifts before giving them away. Or you can create amazing and useful woven baskets and trays out of magazines and newspapers. Newspapers are also perfect for cleaning almost anything from countertops to windowsills and bathroom floors.

4. Old T-shirts

Old t-shirts can be used as washable cleaning rags. Instead of buying the cleaning rags from the market, reuse the old t-shirts or towels.

5. Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can be reused over and again if you take care of it properly. Clean it well, fold it over, and then place it in the freezer. Once frozen, peel it off and save it for later.

6. Empty Bottles

Empty bottles can be re-purposed for crafts and projects. Put glue inside and let kids decorate their own bottle cap Christmas tree toppers. Glass jars work well for holding beads and buttons.

7. Straws

Straws can be used for everything from garnishing drinks to stirring sauces to stuffing animals. Wrap straws in aluminum foil before freezing them so they don’t break.

8. Boxes

When it comes to storing things at home, boxes are often overlooked. But empty boxes can be reused for storage. Fill cardboard boxes with plastic bags to create neat and tidy bins for toys or craft supplies.

9. Gift Baskets

Why buy someone a gift when you can give them something useful? Make personalized gift baskets by filling them with homemade goodies. Include toiletries, snacks, and other small essentials.

10. Plastic Bags

Save the inner bag, wash, dry, then cut it to shape sandwiches after the cereal box is empty. Plastic bags can be reused at the grocery store or as garbage can liners for pet faeces. Even better, recycle those plastic bags to create attractive, durable, reusable supermarket bags!


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